The religion of the sentient beings.

The sentient beings believe that there is a balance between all living things and the elements. The balance is created via the creation and recycling of souls. It is not a rebirth, exactly, but more like a central source of life from which each soul is born and later reunited with – a sort of recycling process. This is known as the “Cycle of the Soul”.

When one ascends, they break from this balance and must find their own inner balance to be whole again, having lost the connection with the universal balance. This is where the three levels of ascendance come into play: Lehel, Ateir, and lastly, Nehe-eva. Nehe-eva is the final level, where the soul is able to find its own balance. Many believe that those who break from the balance are lost souls, forced to reside among the dead and to wander “beneath” in a place of legend, a place called Eindur; the leader of the dead and the forsaken, Lehel, is where the term for the first level of ascendance originates from.

The seven Elements (Spirit, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light and Dark) stem from the pool of life and are thus connected with every soul created in the cycle. Through these elements, the sentient beings are able to transform between their two forms, the bestial and the humanoid. To not acknowledge an element is to not acknowledge a part of oneself, preventing the transformation.

The Sespakt have all broken from the Soul Cycle, having neglected 5/7 parts of themselves (acknowledging only the spirit and their preferred element), and thus they are unable to draw from the cycle in order to transform – they are “lost” like the Nethefela, but worse off because most, if any, are not even on the path to becoming self-balanced and are still neglectful of all seven elements. In contrast, the Nethefela are still able to transform because they acknowledge all seven elements, have retained all their parts of the elements and are on the path to becoming self-balanced.

Though the Nethe-elve have the innate ability to harness the elements and manipulate them for their own use (an event known as a Sesiolm), the Sespakt do not, having broken from the Soul Cycle: they cannot draw out the elemental power from within the cycle.

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