Edge-of-Tefer-2 shadows
A world much like ours and yet very different.

Skies tend to have a hint of yellow and plants can be a mix of green and red. The oceans are rougher in the more humid environment, while the gravity is slightly heavier and atmosphere thicker with oxygen. The main landmass lies mostly across the planet's equator leading most of the planet to have very rich, warm environments. However, there are a few exceptions to this type of environment, such as Astalen, a wasteland, and Edorek the large, ice-covered island in the north.

Notable regions:

Tefer - thick rainforest
Saret - extensive mountain range
Astalen - barren, dry canyons
Edorek - northern, ice island

Planetary Bodies:

Ethoen - central star in Ehivane's solar system
Otheher - moon
Ethiher - moon
Ethurego - moon

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