Pronounced "neh-theh-feh-luh".


A broken-off cult from the old Ondo species who were the first to ascend to Lehel, the first of the three suspected ascendance levels.

History of formation:

Originally led by Dego, the first Lehel ascendee, the ascended Ondo had to break away from the main population when hysteria broke loose. The cause was their ghostly eyes and personalities which were a direct cause of the ascendance. First, the growing cult simply moved further from the main population but eventually up and left the area completely, searching for a new home.

They eventually found a cavernous, extinct volcano that had a small opening on the top, and had ultra-reflective rocks embedded in the stone and soot (of which the sun shone off of during the day in a dazzling display of reflective lights). The Nethefela used the rich volcanic soot and carried dirt into the large cavern, creating an agricultural bed with use of the reflective stones to give plants enough sun to grow. Once they found the right crop, the fields were soon lush with thriving, edible plants. Afterwards, they fixed up the already partly developed system of caves and tunnels, smoothing and/or widening out what was needed for living. Thus, the Nethefela soon had a new home, which they named Lehelym.

Current day:

The Nethefela stay out of contact with most of the world, still residing in Lehelym. There are still the occassional Nethefela travelers, one such being Nabroet. A hierarchy has developed over the years, with the top consisting of a council of five Nethefela: two male, two female and one warrior. The male and female council members are entered into the council by popular demand, whereas the warrior fights his way to the top of the Nedome, also gaining the title "Leader of the Nedome".

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