These poems are shown in their original Gethikre grammar forms, as well as their respective, translated English grammar forms.

Gethikre is on the left, English on the right.


Voice of soul

Hear my word

Sesiolm sing for you

You be strong

I be here for you

You be strong

Fear no be

Death no be

Cycle be

For total


For you

Voice of the soul

Hear my words

Magic calls for you

Stand strong

We are here for you

Stand strong

There is no fear

No death

A cycle

For all


For one


Soul of total

Close to total

By word of nature

Of Ehivane

Sesiolm give

And give-siyil

Power for total

Total be cesiolm

The souls of all

Are drawn together

In the spirit of nature

Of Ehivane

The elements do

And forever will

Strengthen us all

As we are one

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