Part of the History since Syldoa.

Towards the end of the Syldoan age, the Nethe-elve began to argue about which element of Sesiolm was the most useful and groups that were centered around each favored element (except Spirit) began to form. Soon, these disassociated groups kept to themselves in separate but nearby communities, and hostility grew between each elemental group as the arguing escalated.

One day, the group dedicated to water decimated the earthen group's head quarters, causing outrage among all the Nethe-elve. The earthen group, in protest and anger, packed up their belongings and left the general population to their own whims. Soon, the other groups got the same idea and began to leave, one group after another, till all that was left of the once great Nethe-elve were those who disagreed with splitting up.

Each group founded their own Othare among their corresponding element, and renamed themselves after their favored element: the Efyr gave themselves to Fire, the Rheweta to Water, the Haert to Earth, the Riah to Air, the Teligeh to Light, and the Kedar to Dark. As a whole, these separate groups are called the Sespakt while the few left behind still call themselves Nethe-elve.

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