Part of the History since Syldoa.

At some point in time hundreds of years after the Divide, a male Ondo by the name of Dego reached a new level of mental awareness, and to the fascination of his close friends, began to exhibit new powers. He found that with practice and mental exercise, he could send his thoughts to others, and even influence those who were not mentally adept through the power of suggestion (via the sending of thoughts). Unexplicably, his eyes clouded over after some time, giving him the look of being haunted and mentally vacant. It was this simple physical attribute that began to scare away those who were unaware of what had happened. However, Ondo who had learned about and were fascinated in ascending to this newfound level of mentality began to vigorously meditate, and soon, many more joined Dego's rank.

But while some were dearly dedicated toward this new state of mental evolution, there were still those who were frightened by the cold, blank eyes and the emotionless all-knowing statements that seemed to follow the ascendence. These Ondo began to fearfully avoid the ascended, calling them the followers of Lehel, the "leader of forsaken beings" in their legends, and ghosts of Eindur. In their fear, the remaining Ondo vowed to abandon their traditions and cease their meditations, forsaking their ascended brethren in the event that unascending Ondo began to know as the Falling.

As more and more Ondo ascended, they began to break off and form their own community, driven out by those who were scared of becoming like them through even sheer proximity. No longer treated as Ondo, but as fallen and forsaken beings, the ascended began calling themselves Nethefela.

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